In this section of the blog, we will focus regularly on every aspect about nature on Etna, the animal kingdom living on our volcano, and the plant

In this first topic we want to give a brief introduction about the different animal species we can meet walking around our Mongibello.

In the Galvagni, about 150 years ago, the local fauna of the volcano included species like wolfs, fallow deers and roe deers, extinct anymore for different reasons such as deforestation, hunting and new roads opening.

Until today although, we can meet crested porcupines, foxes, wildcats, martens, rabbits, lepers, weasels, hedgehogs, edible dormouse and different species of bats.

We also have different birds, especially birds of prey such as sparrowhawks, common buzzards, kestrels, peregrine falcons and golden eagles, which are the diurnal raptors, or barn owls, scops owls, tawny owls and long-eared owls for the nocturnal ones.

Even the undergrowth is settled by many types of snakes, western green lizards, and lizards, while really huge is the world of insects including butterflies, crickets, cicadas, bees, spiders, and the wonderful symbolic lady bugs.

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