Friends of Etna Est,

today Saturday the 7th, November, we have the 3rd edition of “Better Park than Dirty”, that will see Etna Est staff involved together with Aigae and Cai Catania.

The event, realized and coordinated by the Park of Etna wants to build up and consolidate a “culture” aimed to a responsible and aware cleaning, which have necessarily as base, respect and environmental protection and conservation in the areas belonging to the Park but also under the control and responsibility of the several Etna Municipalities.

The aim is to clean and reclaim the degraded areas, covered and spoiled by trash and garbage of any type, with the will to send a strong message about the importance of the respect and environment protection for this site, inscribed since the 21st of June in the World Heritage List, eternal source of life, wellness and beauty!

Let’s try to remember every day that care and tidiness for the environment surrounding us, is more important than the care we take for our houses and gardens.