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Excursion as birthday celebration

An excursion to celebrate the birthday on Etna.

A tale given as gift from a soul in love with Sicily and our Mom Etna.

Heart-felt thanks from Etna Est staff to Francesca Patuzzi for this amazing story of an unforgettable excursion.


Birthday celebration on Etna (5years ago, but emotions are the same even todady…)

For my 49th birthday […]

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Etna and Sicily: tales by Sicilians

Dear readers and followers,

from today Etna Est blog changes in order to become a journey through visions about Sicily.
From today our goal is the expression and the sharing, but no more about contents that are interesting but too spread.

From today the goal of our sharing will be the essence of the team of this […]

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Snow and bitter cold in Sicily

Dear friends, the wave of extreme cold and snow that have affected our Sicily during the last weekend of Epiphany is absolutely extraordinary.

In the area of Etna we are quite used to the snow that normally is present in our Sicilian winters, made of sun and “Muntagna” (Mountain, E.D.) but seeing snow falling on […]

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Etna: the Pistachio from Bronte

Welcome again on our blog, we are back for our appointments to examine in depth some aspects connected to Etna and our beautiful land of Sicily: topic of today the Pistachio from Bronte
Today we want to talk about our Green Gold of Sicily, Pistachio from Bronte, declared D.O.P. since the 9th June, 2009 and […]

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“Better Park than Dirty” n.3

Friends of Etna Est,
today Saturday the 7th, November, we have the 3rd edition of “Better Park than Dirty”, that will see Etna Est staff involved together with Aigae and Cai Catania.
The event, realized and coordinated by the Park of Etna wants to build up and consolidate a “culture” aimed to a responsible and aware […]

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Etna DOC Wines

Welcome back to our blog, today we want to speak about one of the best products given by our volcano, also an important economic resource and source of pride for the inhabitants, viticulture and etnean DOC wines.

The presence of grapevines and wine production on our Etna  date back to far ages. Omero, Virgilio, Plinio, […]

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Wildcat on Etna

Today we want to give you information about a matter very important to us.
On the 29th of November in 2014, a project started concerning the protection of the wildcat, fundamental crux for the fauna biodiversity in Etna Park. It is very important the union, whose aim is protecting and creating awareness, supported by Etna […]

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TripAdvisor: Excellence 2015

Friends and readers of our blog,

We are very happy to inform you that we are Certificate of Excellence 2015 Winner on TripAdvisor!

Another important goal for us, that we reached thanks to you!

Thanks to you, because you chose to come in excursion with us, and you shared your emotions, you had fun and you had […]

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Etna: new activity

Etna, new activity

From yesterday, new Strombolian activity from the New South-East crater.

“The new eruptive episode to the New South-East Crater (NSEC), that started in the first hours of the 12nd May 2015, is continuing with a modest Strombolian activity and the slow emission of a lava flow from the east hedge of the crater.

During […]

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Video EXPO2015

Dear readers, we are very proud to show you our video, that is present at EXPO2015!

The credit for all the amateur pictures and parts of video belong to the guide Carmelo Finocchiaro.

Watch it and please share!



For info about bio-mediterraneo Cluster



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