Excursion as birthday celebration

An excursion to celebrate the birthday on Etna.

A tale given as gift from a soul in love with Sicily and our Mom Etna.

Heart-felt thanks from Etna Est staff to Francesca Patuzzi for this amazing story of an unforgettable excursion.


Birthday celebration on Etna (5years ago, but emotions are the same even todady…)

For my 49th birthday […]

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Etna: the Pistachio from Bronte

Welcome again on our blog, we are back for our appointments to examine in depth some aspects connected to Etna and our beautiful land of Sicily: topic of today the Pistachio from Bronte
Today we want to talk about our Green Gold of Sicily, Pistachio from Bronte, declared D.O.P. since the 9th June, 2009 and […]

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