In this section of our blog, we will focus on all the aspects connected to the resources represented by Etna and that it naturally gives us.

Our first post is dedicated to agriculture. Since ages, the fertile volcanic soil has permitted populations to live through agriculture and livestock, giving birth to an environment where man and nature coexist in harmony. That’s why we can find a scenery of rural landscapes perfectly nestled among woods and lava flows.

The presence of man from millenniums has left a deep mark with the realization of terracing works, storehouses, wineries, that we can find on Etna slopes. The Park of Etna focuses mostly on biological agriculture, plantation technic which can offer healthy products respecting not just environment but also the health of agricultures and consumers.

What is peculiar about agriculture on Etna is, with no doubt, the abundance of fruit farming, both for quality and variety. Pistachio from Bronte (unique in the world), hazelnuts, walnuts, prickly pears, strawberries (in Maletto), pears ( such as the autumn ones “Ucciardona” and “Spinella”), cherries, peaches, apples (such as the varieties “Cola”, “Gelato”, and “Cola-Gelato). In the Valley of Simeto we also have the plantation of citrus trees, pears and peaches, among them the very tasty Tabacchiere. Moreover, we have also a very good production of oil.

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