Dear readers and followers,

from today Etna Est blog changes in order to become a journey through visions about Sicily.
From today our goal is the expression and the sharing, but no more about contents that are interesting but too spread.

From today the goal of our sharing will be the essence of the team of this company, the essence of our job, the essence of who we are and of what we try to transmit, every day.

The essence of why we do this in our life and how we do it, when and where.

In the age where everything runs so fast, we want to show ourselves slowly, we want to conquer you through our reflections about what is important to us, that is, extremely connected to the matter of slowness.

So be ready to a slow travel where Etna Est will lead you discovering paths, sensations, that our job gives us for present, a journey on the most beautiful trials in Sicily, lived and experienced by those who love and know this territory.

A dreaming journey where our breath blends with the one of our mother land.

This is the reason why we chose as first post, to  tell you not about the technical characteristics of the last eruption activity by our Mom Etna, but about the emotions and the feelings that our Lady Volcano has given us.

At the  first signal, at the first voice about Etna was waking up, the temperature in this office raised.

“Ca Semu!”, colorful Sicilian way to say “Here we are”, Etna is back, in action again, ready on the scene to be admired, Mom Etna let us dream again.
All people who can go up in the night, despite cold and ice, defying any weather condition in act to go as closer as possible to the lava flow, those who can’t instead, stay admiring from far, next to the sea in Catania, maybe eating a typical “Arancino”.

Fire and Sea, Speed and Slowness, Impetuosity and Sweetness, Black Rock and Green Vegetation.
The contrasts of our land are the same contrasts living inside Sicilian people.

Etna now is resting again, but we are here waiting for her next roar.

And not at all! We are not scared, of course! We have adrenalin rush, that is a different thing.
We can explain in detail all the processes that lead to a strombolian or effusive activity, but we could never explain perfectly and totally  the relationship between “A Muntagna” and a citizen from Catania.

Our bond is timeless, indissoluble, ancient like our City.

Made by reverential reverence and unconditioned love.
By respect and admiration.

Every post on our blog will be a small step to have a key to understand better this land and its inhabitants.

We really thanks our friend Riccardo Villa for the amazing picture.