Etna, new activity

From yesterday, new Strombolian activity from the New South-East crater.

“The new eruptive episode to the New South-East Crater (NSEC), that started in the first hours of the 12nd May 2015, is continuing with a modest Strombolian activity and the slow emission of a lava flow from the east hedge of the crater.

During the day of yesterday, a gradual intensification of the eruption activity has been observed, accompanied by an increasing of volcanic tremor width and the move of the origin of volcanic tremor towards the surface in correspondence to NSEC. In the night, all these parameters have become stable with quite low levels, very similar to those ones of the eruptive episode from the same NSEC in January-April in 2014. The Strombolian activity is concentrated to three mouths placed in the east part of NSEC, on the same line on an eruptive fracture pointed W-R. Around 2:10, a series of small collapses has accompanied the opening of an effusive mouth placed right under the east hedge of NSEC, from which a small lava flow came out. This lava flow reversed slowly towards the highest and the largest eruptive mouth, opened on the east side of NSEC cone, during the paroxysm of 28th December in 2014. During the following hours, lava has slowly filled this mouth, then the lava flow has slowly expanded along the fracture of the 28th December, in north-east direction, reaching the base of NSEC cone in the late morning. In the meanwhile Strombolian activity has gone on with jets of several tens of meters, sometimes producing small plumes of volcanic ash, rapidly dispersed by wind in south-west direction”

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