Welcome again on our blog, we are back for our appointments to examine in depth some aspects connected to Etna and our beautiful land of Sicily: topic of today the Pistachio from Bronte

Today we want to talk about our Green Gold of Sicily, Pistachio from Bronte, declared D.O.P. since the 9th June, 2009 and Slow Food Presidium.

This very ancient plant coming from the Mediterranean basin was introduced in Italy, according to the tales by Plinio the Old, about the 20 a.C. from Vitellio at the age of Tiberio, tough without success. We have to wait until 900 a.C. and thank the Arabic domination putting the cultivation right on Etna slopes and finding the perfect habitat, in order to have a diffusion of a higher quality pistachio nut than the rest of the world.

In the “sciara” territory around Bronte, the bond between the plant and the lava soil, constantly fertilized from volcanic ashes, gives origin to precious fruits with a unique taste, that are picked-up manually in alternate years, following a centuries-old practice that restore the strength of the plants.

This indigenous product is largely used in our culinary tradition, for first and second courses, sweets, ice-creams, liquors, pesto and custard cream spread and also as dry fruit to enhance the taste of cured meats and cheese.

Every year in Bronte a country festival is organized where it is possible to taste and buy pistachio products and fruits, with a particular emerald green colour.

Here you will find more information about this festival.


Keep on following us, because on the next post we will give you a tasty pistachio recipe.