Dear friends, the wave of extreme cold and snow that have affected our Sicily during the last weekend of Epiphany is absolutely extraordinary.

In the area of Etna we are quite used to the snow that normally is present in our Sicilian winters, made of sun and “Muntagna” (Mountain, E.D.) but seeing snow falling on Catania and our coasts is a really exceptional and not ordinary thing, that for sure has brought a lot of beauty but also caused many bothers.

A lot of Municipalities in Sicily have remained isolated for closed routes, connections with Aeolian Islands have been interrupted and there was a very high number of accidents caused by the ice on the main and secondary streets, with an increase of emergency services demand.

Despite these many cons of this wave of snow and freezing temperatures at very low height, lots of Sicilian people have remained astonished for the beauty of the unusual sceneries, that they have caught through incredible shots painting surreal landscapes.

Prickly pear nopals, palms, olive and orange trees  but also beaches like Fondachello, Giardini – Naxos, Roccalumera and in the Aeolian Islands have been covered by pure snow have given new shades of beauty to the sceneries normally beloved by Sicilian population.

The picture we have chosen for this article (for which we thank our friend Marilena Mannuccia, E.D.) is emblematic, because it shows an amazing and unique Sicily, able to give always new beauty and emotions.

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