Today we want to give you information about a matter very important to us.

On the 29th of November in 2014, a project started concerning the protection of the wildcat, fundamental crux for the fauna biodiversity in Etna Park. It is very important the union, whose aim is protecting and creating awareness, supported by Etna Park, Sciences and Biologics, Chemicals and Pharmaceutics Technologies Department of the University of Palermo, in collaboration with the Veterinary Sciences of the University of Messina.

Through this collaboration the goal is to realize a research project on biology and eco-ethology of the wildcat in the regional park of Etna and to realize the protection plan, with the aim to describe exactly the actual status of the wildcat within Etna Park.

In the classification, wildcat is a “least concern” (minimum risk species). It is inscribed in the red list of the Italian vertebrates and in the Habitat Directive of European Community. It is considered the last “big” Sicilian predator and finds in the protected area around the volcano a natural habitat, today threatened by different aspects, cross breading with domestic cat, fragmentation of the natural habitat and constant rising of man pressure.